The Festmeister
Catering Manufaktur

Our manufactory in Gröbenzell near Munich stands at the heart of our operations. This is where our chef de cuisine Andreas Krüger and his team dedicate their passion and inspiration to the creation of our dishes. A maximum of manual work coupled with state-of-the-art kitchen technology is what makes us so unique in the German catering industry.

Our manufactory was completed in April 2016, constructed on the basis of the latest standards of hygiene and state-of-the-art production technologies.

For us it is a matter of course to follow a rigorous quality and hygiene management supervised by internal and external audits and with continuous improvements. On top of that, our quality management complies with the following statutory guidelines:

  • Regulation (EC) of the hygiene of food stuffs No 852/853/854:2004
  • Regulation (EC) No 178:2002 General Food Law Regulation
  • LMHV: 2007 Food hygiene regulation (implementation decree)
  • Relevant standards of quality and legal norms (HACCP)
  • IFS (International Featured Standards)

Our in-house quality management identifies and defines internal quality goals and processes, puts these in writing and holds us responsible to act accordingly.