Our Story

The Konradhof – The origin of
Festmeister Catering Manufaktur

The Konradhof in Unering near Starnberg in Bavaria is a farm that has been owned and managed by the Dellinger family for over 500 years. This is where Festmeister Catering Manufaktur began.

The farm focuses on sustainable farming, livestock welfare and home-grown forage production. One of its main guidelines is to do without antibiotics and any unnecessary medication. Its maxim “We know where it comes from” is the guideline for all stages of work at the Konradhof.

“We aim for the wholesome breeding and rearing of our livestock that can have a romp about the pastures and are visibly living a good life,” says Stefan Dellinger.

Based on this principle, the Konradhof sells its home-made products via direct marketing in its own farm shops, at farmers’ markets and in its own butcher’s shops in Munich.

Wherever possible, the Konradhof ‘s offering stems from a single source. From breeding and rearing to the final product, the consumer can retrace every step of every process. In order to extend the offering of this holistic and sustainable value chain to event catering, the founding of Festmeister Catering Manufaktur was the logical next step.